shrink enlarged prostate

3 Easy Ways to Shrink an Enlarged Prostate Naturally

Having an enlarged prostate can be one of the scariest things for a man to experience. On top of having this incredibly uncomfortable situation, there is tons of information out there that can leave a guy feeling stuck… not sure what to do next. That is why I have compiled several naturopathic techniques that you can start doing right away to shrink an enlarged prostate while helping to lower PSA levels too.

Should I jump Into Surgery For My Enlarged Prostate?

The truth is that depending on your situation, jumping into surgery may not be the best approach. Sometimes these surgeries aren’t very male-friendly, and the recovery and post-op situation might not be ideal for long-term health either. This is why I want to give you some alternative approaches that may help; I have personally worked with thousands of men in similar circumstances to manage an inflamed and enlarged prostate naturally.

How Do I Shrink My Enlarged Prostate Naturally?

Thousands of men have asked questions about their inflamed or enlarged prostate, such as “How can I urinate regularly without issue?” “How can I avoid unwanted surgeries and still reduce the size of my prostate?” As well as “How can I lower my PSA levels naturally? 

PSA, aka prostate-specific antigen, is a protein made in the prostate gland. Having a healthy level of these is essential to maintaining good health while avoiding more severe conditions. [1]

3 Ways to Shrink Enlarged Prostate Naturally

shrink enlarged prostate

1. Naturally Shrink An Enlarged Prostate with Saw Palmetto 

Saw Palmetto, also called serenoa repens, is an incredible shrublike palm that grows in the southern part of the United States, traditionally used to treat conditions affecting female and male reproductive organs. Nowadays, saw palmetto is commonly found as a  supplement targeted in alleviating urinary symptoms caused by an enlarged prostate gland, also known as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

Inflammation of the prostate is one of the primary reasons men go to a urologist. The prostate is about the size of a walnut and is composed of glandular and muscular tissue. Located right beneath the bladder and in front of the rectum, it blocks the urethra when enlarged, making it difficult for semen and urine to pass. This situation causes discomfort and can impact sexual function as you might imagine. 

Studies have shown that the use of saw palmetto can assist in preventing the effects and progression of BPH by helping to lower the PSA levels, reducing the inflammation of the prostate. [2] [3]

2. Lower, Balance & Manage Cortisol Levels For Men’s Prostate Health

Cortisol is also known as the “stress hormone”. Its primary function is to regulate the body’s stress response, and when present at high levels can negatively affect the male reproductive system. This can cause inflammation and stagnancy of the lymphatic system resulting in an inflamed prostate gland. 

Some studies have determined the close relationship between high-stress levels and the development or aggravation of BPH in men. Therefore, the need to lower and manage cortisol levels to increase prostate health is a must. [4] 

As a way of helping my male patients to get a better idea of where they are when it comes to their inflamed prostate and how to reduce it, I offer this test kit. The kit examines the saliva as a way to discover if your cortisol levels may be responsible for your prostate inflammation.

Timing is crucial if you want to efficiently measure cortisol levels, because they vary throughout the day. Therefore the best time to test it is in the morning, at lunchtime, at dinnertime, and before bedtime. I offer a test kit here for $195. Testing your cortisol levels is vital for tackling the cause of your enlarged prostate gland due to higher PSA levels. 

Furthermore, recent studies have found another side effect of the high cortisol level besides BPH. The increase in cortisol can affect the male reproductive system by lowering testosterone levels which can result in decreased libido and erectile dysfunction.  [5] 

By adequately testing and managing cortisol levels, you will be able to improve your prostate health and your sexual health too. The latter is undoubtedly an added benefit that results from the increase in libido.

3. Enhance Lymphatic Function to Reduce Prostate Inflammation 

Dry Skin Brushing For Prostate Health

The lymphatic system functions as a shield against disease and infection. It also drains lymph fluid from body tissues before returning to the blood. The lymphatic system is formed by fine tubes known as lymphatic vessels that connect the lymph nodes located through the body.

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When the prostate gets inflamed, it can obstruct the pelvic lymph nodes located deep in the abdomen next to the prostate. As a way to reduce inflammation and fluid around the prostate is recommended to promote lymphatic flow by practicing dry skin brushing in the abdominal area. I have created a free guide that you can use for dry brushing your skin that stimulates your lymphatic system helping your prostate health here. 

Lymphatic Exercises For Prostate Health

Doing specific exercises for the abdominal area is another way to drain fluids from the lymphatic system. Moving the lymph fluid has a detoxifying effect by removing and destroying waste, debris, dead blood cells, pathogens, excess hormones and toxins. The accumulation of all these harmful elements can cause prostate inflammation. Applying lymphatic exercises in the abdominal area can help reduce the prostate’s inflammation by improving bladder function.

Men Prostate Health Recommendations

Is Riding a Bike Beneficial Exercise For Male Prostate Health?

While any form of exercise is beneficial, riding a bike and prostate health is in a gray area. Some experts note that you have nothing to worry about if you ride your bike for less than 8 hours a week. But for those that cross that threshold, some problems can appear.

shrink enlarged prostate
shring an enlarged prostate

The traditional saddle on a bike can cause pain in the perineum located between the base of the penis and the anus, put pressure on the pudendal nerve, and possibly on the prostate. Prolonged compression of the prudential nerve can cause erectile problems. Riding the bike is certainly not recommended for those already experiencing enlarged prostate or erection problems.

Other experts recommend riding the bike in moderation while taking certain precautions such as:

  • Choosing a wider bike saddle with extra padding or gel-filled and anatomy-friendly seats.
  • Avoid tilting the bike saddle forward to decrease pressure on the perineum.
  • Use padded bike shorts
  • Raise your handlebars for a more upright position
  • Be sure your seat is at an appropriate height for you
  • Check that the frame’s top bar is at least two inches below your crotch. Cover the bar with padding so that you will not hurt your genitals if you fall.

Exercising can alleviate many health conditions, and a lack of activity can worsen any disorder. Health professionals warn men who spend more than five hours a day sitting in their couches watching TV or playing video games are twice at higher risk of developing an enlarged prostate than those who spend less time sitting. Even more alarming is that the risk goes up the longer you spend on the couch, regardless of the amount of exercise you do.

Rebounding For Prostate Health

When it comes to fun new exercises that you can practice in the comfort of your home, the rebounder is one type of exercise I recommend to my patients. Here you can find some of my favorite rebounders: Stamina 38-Inch Intone Plus Rebounder, 40′ Mini Rebounder with Handrail, and MaXimus Pro Gym Rebounder Mini Trampoline with handlebar. I recommend rebounding exercises 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening.

Rebounding stimulates internal organs, moves the cerebral-spinal fluid, the aqueous fluid in the eyes and does wonders for the intestines. It also encourages drainage of the lymphatic system. To activate the lymphatic flow in the body, it is necessary to have muscular contraction from exercise, gravitational pressure, and internal massage to the valves of lymph ducts. Rebounding covers all three, making it ideal for unclogging the lymphatic system and, therefore, reducing inflammation around the prostate.

Lymph Stim For Men’s Prostate Health

Lymph Stim is a homeopathic product that supports lymphatic stimulation and drainage. When it comes to prostate health, Lymph Stim stimulates cleansing, detoxing and reduction of inflammation around the prostate.

Lymph Stim can be purchased in my online store by clicking this link. I can not stop recommending Lymph Stim due to its incredible effectiveness in decreasing inflation. The dosage varies according to the level of inflammation and the difficulty you may encounter to empty your bladder. The use of Lymph Stim can be life-changing for men dealing with an enlarged prostate (BPH).

I aim to provide you with the proper tools and knowledge to help you ease an inflamed prostate using natural approaches. To purchase my Prostate Fix protocol, click here. If you want more personalized attention, I offer private sessions to go in-depth about hormonal imbalances. Currently, I am taking new patients, and I can work with individuals anywhere in the world via virtual appointments. I will work together with you to bring your prostate health back.

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