4 DIY Steps to Get Fluid out of Your Ears Naturally

Are you dealing with excess fluid, clogged, or congested ears? This is a common occurrence for a lot of people and if left untreated for too long you may end up with tinnitus, vertigo, and a lot of frustration. As a naturopathic physician I like to help my patients with effective ways to decongest their ears, naturally. In my ear fluid draining protocol, which can be found here, I provide a step-by-step guide to help you clear out your ears. This protocol also contains bonus information that is exclusive to this guide, but here are some DIY’s that you can try at home right now to help with draining the fluid from your ears.

What Causes Fluid in Your Ear?

Fluid buildup, also known as otitis media with effusion (OME), is a build-up of mucus or liquid behind the eardrum. (4) This fluid is cleared from behind the eardrum or middle ear space via the eustachian tubes. We have three bones in our ears, connected in a hinged fashion called the ossicular joint. The ossicular joints are in the middle part of each ear, are the first to mature at birth, and are what help us with our hearing. (2) When there is congestion, fluid, or pressure on those joints it may cause tinnitus, changes in equilibrium, balance, and inflammation in the area. Getting that fluid drained is important so that it does not lead to more serious and complicated health issues. Congestion of the ear can happen to anyone, including children. Although there is not one root cause of it, the most common reasons are allergies, congestion from a cold, pregnancy, surgery, and rapid changes in air pressure. (1) There are also different symptoms that people may experience such as ear pain, the feeling of being “plugged up”, as well as hearing loss. If you are experiencing similar symptoms, here are some quick home remedies that may help you unclog your ears. 

4 DIY Remedies to Drain Congestion From Your Ears

Treat Earlobes With Oil Of Oregano To Help Get Fluid Out Of Ears

One easy step you can take to potentially relieve fluid buildup is to use oil of oregano. This oil is very potent, so it is important to be extremely careful when using it. Use two or three drops total for both ears, as a little goes a long way. 

  • Apply a few drops on your fingertips and rub your hands together.
  • Gently apply the oil to the earlobe and outer ear.. Use circular motions and massage it on the outer part of your ear. DO NOT APPLY ON THE INSIDE. If you do, you could experience burning the inside of your ear and eardrum, this is TOPICAL ONLY.
  • Gently swab behind your ear and proceed down your neck.
  • Repeat on the other ear.
oregano oil How To Unblock Your Ears

You may notice your ears beginning to feel less congested as the oil penetrates through the skin layers. Oil of oregano can help mobilize the ossicular joints to drain the fluid and relieve pressure. Remember: do not put any of this oil on the inner ear, use it on the outer portion and apply with care. If you would like to learn about this method in depth, the step-by-step guide is highlighted in my protocol here.

2. Get Fluid Out Of Ears With Lymphatic Drainage

Moving the lymphatics of your head, neck, and throat can go a long way toward helping unclog your ears. The lymphatic system is made up of various tissues, vessels, and organs that carry a watery fluid, called lymph, back into your bloodstream. (5) The lymph passes through bean-shaped glands called lymph nodes, which monitor and help cleanse it. When we activate the lymphatics through gentle manipulation, we encourage the easy circulation of lymph through the body which in turn may cause the fluid in your ear to start draining.  There are two simple ways to stimulate your lymphatic system. 

Step A: Dry Brushing for Lymphatic Drainage

A great tool that can help with lymphatic drainage is using a dry brush on the skin.  Lymph nodes are one of the body’s first lines of defense against pathogens. (3) Dry brushing helps stimulate these important glands to help keep them active and healthy which in turn will enhance your own good health. How to dry brush your skin: 

  • Use a dry bristle brush and create circles just below the clavicle bone on both sides
  • Perform  little sweeps just above the clavicle bone
  • Sweep from the ear down the neck

 Make sure you do not press too hard, and do not rub. Use gentle sweeping motions. Do not be alarmed if your skin turns red, that is a natural reaction, particularly if you have sensitive skin. If you would like to get my favorite dry skin brush for lymphatic drainage, you can purchase one here. You can also learn more about dry skin brushing with my guide here. After you dry brush we want to move on to lymphatic drainage massage with your fingers.   

Step B: Lymphatic Face Massage for Lymphatic Drainage

After dry brushing start the draining of the lymphatics of your nose and throat with a massage. This can help move any excess fluid sitting in the sinus cavity causing pressure in the ear. If you have fluid in your ears, this technique can help activate those lymph nodes:

  • Using two fingers start in between the eyes and sweep to your ear lobe, and down the neck to the clavicle
  • Take two fingers and do a light fluttering motion right above the nose moving upwards above your eyebrows and then down your face. 
  • Repeat this motion a few times over

 As you do this, don’t be surprised if your ear canal starts draining into the back of the throat, or even popping. If this happens you know you are on the right track to getting all of that fluid moving. By doing this exercise you are enhancing your immune system and building a healthier body.

If you feel like you need a little assistance on how to do this gentle facial massage technique – I have a step by step tutorial video that is very easy to follow along with me as we move the lymphatics of your face and assist in ear and sinus fluid reduction. Watch my video here

3. Incorporate Sinus Draining

Another fantastic way to help remedy congested ears is by using a neti pot. This specially designed container flushes your sinuses with saline solution, taking disease-causing pathogens with it, including candida, fungus, yeast, allergens, viral, and bacterial matter. A neti pot can help minimize inflammation and irritation of the sinus passages. 

When using a neti pot, some of the fluid may come out of your mouth; it may not be the most pleasant experience but it is highly effective. It can minimize the impact of the upper and lower sinus which can cause fluid congestion.

A great way to boost up the power of a neti pot is by combining it with things like colloidal silver, which is a topical solution. Colloidal silver is a solution made up of tiny silver particles in a liquid base (6).

4. Get Rid of Inflammation to Drain Ears

Another way to help with decongestion is by adding inflammation-reducing herbs like ginger and turmeric into your daily routine. Both turmeric and ginger are known to have very strong anti-inflammatory properties, and with less inflammation in your ears you should find less congestion too. Healthy ears can help prevent things such as vertigo, ear pain, ear infections, and more. 

A healthy and comforting way to incorporate these herbs into your daily diet is through tea. When you are consuming these herbs in tea form, the anti-inflammatory potency is high. Drinking an herbal infusion of ginger or turmeric is a wonderful and delicious way to target these issues and help reduce the inflammation that may be occurring.


fixed a clogger ear

What Else Can I Do to Get Rid of Ear Fluid?

These four steps can not only help relieve congestion in your ears, but greatly enhance your lymphatic flow as well. If you need more help to get rid of ear congestion, you can dive in further by purchasing my ear fluid draining protocol here. In this step-by-step guide I talk about other beneficial ways to drain your ears, reduce the pressure, inflammation and more. I also incorporate three additional products with a detailed explanation on how to use them. They can be quite impactful, especially for those who often get clogged ears. 

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4 DIY Steps to Get Fluid out of Your Ears Naturally