benefits of berkey water filterWe all know the importance of staying hydrated and how essential it is for us to have an adequate amount of water intake throughout the day in order for our body to function properly.

But to be completely honest with you, the tap water you drink at your home might not be the purest quality possible. In fact, it can actually be highly toxic for the human body.

A great tip for having more clean water available to you at your home is investing in a water filtration system.

Health Benefits of Berkey Water Filter

Usually, tap water is described as relatively safe. However, it is good to know that toxic metals and chemicals remain in our water and there could also be traces of other contaminants as well as harmful bacteria and viruses.

A high-quality water filtration system will make your water clean and toxic-free which in turn will benefit your health. Read some of the benefits of berkey water filter.

Improved Digestion

Our digestive system uses a large amount of water. We need to drink enough water to help our digestive system do its work, which includes promoting a better working metabolism and regular bowel movements in addition to preventing the over-absorption of sugars and harmful chemicals. That said, filtered water is needed to ensure that your digestive system works correctly and by choosing filtered water over regular tap water, your digestive system will have fewer harmful chemicals to process.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Clean, fresh, filtered water in sufficient amounts regulates the metabolism to work properly for you. The faster your metabolism is, the lower your chances of gaining stubborn weight. Clean water is also needed to support the body in absorbing vitamins and nutrients from the food we eat which will assist you in maintaining a healthy weight.

Better Brain Function & Healthier Nervous System

With no access to clean water, your overall health is going to decrease, so it’s no wonder your nervous system might fail to work properly as well. To avoid problems with your nervous system, make sure you invest in your overall health by choosing filtered water. Filtered water will not only improve the work of your nervous system but your brain activity and function will be affected in a positive way too. Your level of ability to concentrate and comprehend will rise and if you ever suffered from headaches throughout the day, this may be the cure for you – more clean filtered water intake.


Unfiltered water that is full of chemicals such as chlorine won’t be effective in cleaning the toxins out of your body. On the other hand, pure filtered water will help your kidneys in the process of detoxifying your body. Clean water also reduces your risk of urinary tract infections, and trust me, these hurt a lot, so you really might want to consider the importance of drinking filtered water.

Stronger Immune System

Filtered water helps growing children develop a strong immune system. It is also a key tip for people with weakened immune systems to try. The stronger your immune system, the less prone you will be to all sorts of diseases and infections. So give you and your children that well-needed immune system boost with 8 glasses of filtered and purified water a day.

In addition to the health benefits mentioned above, by drinking filtered water you will notice some physical appearance benefits too, such as softer and shinier hair, glowing breakout-free skin with improved complexion, and stronger nails.


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Key Toxins We Need to be Filtered Out

The Water Filtration System I often recommend to my patients is Berkey. Berkey Filters are incredibly good at removing all the key toxins we need filtered out from our water.


Chromium-6 a.k.a.hexavalent chromium is an element naturally found in water. It comes from the environment through the erosion of chromium deposits and industrial waste.

Unfortunately, just because Chromium-6 naturally occurs in water, doesn’t mean it’s safe nor healthy for us. In fact, it is known to cause cancer.

And if you think cancer is not scary enough to make you go for that much-needed water filtration system, then you should also know that Chromium-6 can also cause asthma, respiratory illnesses as well as kidney and liver damage. Here are the benefits of berkey water filter.

The good news, though, is that while most traditional water filters don’t remove Chromium-6, Berkey water filter systems remove more than 99.8% of Chromium-6 using Black Berkey filters.

Bad Minerals

The filters in Berkey Water Systems, known as the Black Berkey Filter, remove sedimentary minerals but keeps beneficial (ionic) minerals. Berkey filters don’t attract beneficial minerals, so minerals that are very important for proper body function, such as calcium, sodium, potassium, and magnesium, pass through the filter.

What about the bad minerals, though?

Bad minerals, such as arsenic, aluminum, and lead, get in our drinking water through pollution and when they are ingested in large quantities, they can be harmful to our bodies.

Thanks to the proprietary design of the Black Berkey Filter, more than 99% of aluminum and 99.9% of arsenic and lead are removed.


The Berkey Water Filter equipped with the standard black berkey filters will remove Chlorine and chlorine by-products to below detectable limits. These chemicals can be very harmful to human health over long periods of time.


Fluoride was originally added to water to help reduce tooth decay. However, this chemical is a highly potent free radical in the body that damages neurological tissues, injures the immune system, hampers the function of the thyroid gland and calcifies the pineal gland. In fact, due to its toxicity, several countries have banned it.

With Berkey Fluoride Filter you can make your water safe from this dangerously poisonous toxin.

Berkey water filter systems are actually labeled as water purifiers because they can remove not only all these cancer-causing toxins from our water but also all the harmful bacteria and viruses.

Berkey is a family owned company and their main goal is to raise and spread awareness concerning water quality as well as provide the solution for you to remove all the harmful contaminants from your water. Thanks to Berkey, you will be able to take control of the water you and your loved once drink on a daily basis.

Berkey is not only incredibly effective in providing clean water for your household but it is also sustainable and cost-effective compared to all the BPA plastic bottles you may otherwise buy that are not only a big enemy for the environment but also very toxic for your body.

Berkey varies in size so you can choose the perfect one for your own home and a portable one for when you travel so that you can always have access to healthy purified water.

Every cell in your body relies on water to function properly and the quality of your water is just as important as the quantity. Take the control of your water and your health in your own hands today by choosing Berkey Filters.

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