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If you have recently been diagnosed with denser breast tissue, or fibrocystic breast syndrome, you might be unsure what this actually means. As well, many women find their doctors fail to address the issue because often doctors feel it’s nothing to worry about. However, as a naturopathic doctor, I believe there’s a lot you should know about both conditions. In fact, you want to improve breast tissue to reduce risk for the cells turning into cancerous tissue. Although this might sound alarming, you can take steps to heal that dense, fibrotic, cystic tissue and also find fibroid and cyst pain relief. 

Here I address breast health and the importance of improving your specific breast tissue. You can learn techniques to minimize density in your breasts, as well as minimize and reduce fibroids and cysts that might exist in your breast tissue.

Cyst in Breast Pain Relief

I want to start by pointing out that breast health is vital for both men and women. It’s not something discussed often enough, especially for men. From a young age, we should all understand more about our breasts, so we see the relation between what is considered healthy and what is not.

Many people feel shy about the idea of touching their chest or breast area. However, understanding density and breast tissue is the best way to detect possible issues early. Teaching our teens about proper breast development is a good way to banish these negative thoughts and develop healthier relationships with our own bodies.

Fibroid and Cyst Pain Relief: What Is Dense Breast Tissue?

There is a natural process where breast cell turnover sees old cells die off and new ones generate. Dense breast tissue refers to tissue that isn’t producing healthy new cells as it should. The cells have become stagnant and are no longer shedding cells. 

For women, this process is very similar to the monthly cycles we experience with our uterus. We develop tissue and then it sheds during our menstrual period. You might not realize that your breast tissue is meant to follow the same process once you begin menstruating. In fact, it can continue post menstruation during menopause. When that breast tissue doesn’t flush out of your system, you develop breast tissue density. This is because you have more of what we call toxicity or tissue toxicity in your breast tissue.

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Fibroid and Cyst Pain Relief: Fat Cells And Breast Density

The female body stores more fat cells in the breast. Unfortunately, fat cells are storage containers for toxic matter. An analysis of breast cells can reveal the presence of heavy metals, like mercury, cadmium and arsenic, along with harmful chemicals. Because we store a lot of toxins in our breast tissue, it’s important to know how to resolve density in your breast tissue.

Fibroid and Cyst Pain Relief: Contributing Factors To Breast Density

A lot of factors contribute to breast density including our thyroid health, our reproductive health, and our adrenal health. One thing these factors all have in common is that they either involve our endocrine systems or our endocrine glands are in need of balance. 

Another factor is your lymphatic system. Your lymphatic system includes your axillary lymphatic system, your axillary lymph zone, your axillary lymph nodes, and channels that run all around the breast tissue and underneath your armpits.

Fibroid and Cyst Pain Relief: Dry Skin Brushing

Dry skin brushing detoxifies the lymphatic system. The glands in your breasts, underarms and chest are mostly lymph glands. The job of your lymphatic system is to detoxify internal waste products. Your underarms and breast area are “dumping grounds” for waste which is why shedding cells in this area is so important. (1)

Unfortunately, our bodies don’t have an actual pump to move lymph like our heart moves blood. However, dry skin brushing provides the stimulation needed to move lymph and keep it from becoming filled with toxic waste. (1)

Dry skin brushing assists with balancing your thyroid health, your adrenal health, and your endocrine female reproductive system.

Fibroid and Cyst Pain Relief: Breast Massage

Breast massage is important to help improve circulation and remove congestion that leads to breast density. Massage offers two benefits:

  1. You can discover lumps early so you can have them checked and
  2. You clear up any lymph congestion

It just takes a gentle touch to perform a breast self-massage, and to actually feel your breasts become smoother and less dense. You can also use Happy Breast Balm which contains soothing therapeutic grade essential oils that help improve breast density including iodine. (2)

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Fibroid and Cyst Pain Relief:  Iodine

Iodine may help treat fibrocystic breast disease and the tenderness you might experience before you start your period. Iodine replacement therapy can reduce breast tenderness due to fibrocystic breast tissue. (3)

Fibroid and Cyst Pain Relief: Castor Oil

Castor oil packs provide aid to lymph movement and help remove stagnant lymph. When applied to the skin, the oil is also hydrolyzed in the small intestine by pancreatic enzymes. The castor oil pack enhances the trans-dermal penetration of the helpful chemicals to improve breast texture. (4). I offer a free guide to Castor Oil Packing for reducing fibroids and cysts.  Download it here

Fibroid and Cyst Pain Relief: Antiperspirant

Patients hate to hear this, but it’s important to know that antiperspirant is a big offender when it comes to breast density. Most antiperspirants include chemicals that shrink the lymph nodes located in your armpits. You feel clean and fresh thanks to your antiperspirant, because the only way to reduce the smell of body odor is to shrink the lymph nodes. However, this also minimizes the power and the effectiveness of your axillary lymphatic system. 

Avoiding antiperspirants with a long list of intense chemicals is one of the best ways to avoid issues with breast density. Many contain harmful chemical estrogens that cause imbalances in our bodies. These chemicals also sometimes speed up your cellular activity and manifest as fibroids and cysts.

You can start using these home remedies immediately to help improve lymph movement and stimulate healthier breast cell production and turnover. If you would like a deep dive into improving the health of your breast tissue, I recommend enrolling in my The Ultimate Guide to Optimal Breast Health.  To enroll now click here.