If you find yourself having troubles falling or staying asleep, you most likely suffer from a condition called Insomnia – a very common condition that affects one in four Americans each year.

Insomnia can and most likely will interfere with your quality of life by decreasing your energy levels, leading to poor health and performance.

To solve the problem, it is important to find the root cause first. That’s why I have put together a very informative and impactful sleep restoring guide on how to cure Insomnia naturally.

Insomnia Causes & Treatment

Cortisol – Your Body’s Main Stress Hormone

Cortisol, the same stress hormone that might be responsible for your lower abdomen belly fat, can also have a powerful influence when it comes to your sleep-wake pattern.

When you go to sleep, Cortisol levels are supposed to drop to their lowest point around midnight. However, if you have Cortisol imbalance and your Cortisol levels stay higher than they are supposed to be, you most likely feel completely exhausted but wired at the same time.

To my patients, I usually recommend tranquilizing herbs and extracts, such as Magnolia Bark, Valerian Root, Hops extract and other nerve-calming, stress-reducing supplementation.

Body Temperature Imbalance

Sleep and your body temperature are intimately connected. Similar to your Cortisol levels, your body temperature is also supposed to gradually drop after 7PM, ensuring a good night sleep. At about 4:30AM it reaches its lowest point and then starts to rise again slowly to prepare you for awakening and for the day ahead.

If you experience hot flashes and heat radiating from your body preventing you from sleeping when you should be asleep, it is most likely due to inflammation in your body.

Omega 3-6-9 works wonders for calming that inflammation.

Magnesium Deficiency

Insomnia is a common symptom of magnesium deficiency. Magnesium is a big missing link when it comes to your inability to sleep. Low magnesium levels usually cause restless sleep and waking frequently during night time.

On the other hand, an adequate amount of magnesium in your body suggests balanced and calm nerves, restful body, relaxed muscles and smooth cardiovascular performance. It also reduces fluid retention, meaning you will wake up less puffy.

Neurotransmitter Imbalance

Often referred to as the body’s chemical messengers, Neurotransmitters are another important thing to address when dealing with impaired sleep-wake cycles.

Chemical substances, such as the hormones serotonin and melatonin are among the most common sleep related neurotransmitters.

When these hormones are out of balance and not enough melatonin is released by your pineal gland in response to darkness, it is guaranteed that you will experience sleepless nights.

Another important neurotransmitter to consider is GABA. GABA enables the body and mind to relax and fall asleep.  Low GABA activity is linked to insomnia and disrupted sleep.

An imbalance in Neurotransmitters can be treated by certain nutrients like amino acids such as  L-theanine and L-arginine. These amino acids are very good for keeping you asleep.

All In One Solution

Based on the information above, I can confidently state that I have found a high quality all in one solution that will help control your cortisol levels and keep your body temperature and neurotransmitters in balance.

REM Sleep  – All In One Natural Sleep Aid Supplement

how to heal insomia

REM Sleep is the name of this amazing package of powerful sleep-restoring nutrients, supporting the 4 stages of sleep with calming herbs, essential amino acids and micronutrients.


This first stage is the changeover from wakefulness to sleep. With the help of lemon balm, jujube fruit extract, magnolia bark, valerian root extract, and hops extract your stress levels will decrease which will put you in tranquilized sleep mode in no time.


The second stage is a period of light sleep before you enter deeper sleep. This is where your body temperature is supposed to drop. The amino acids omega 3-6-9 will ensure that this actually happens.

Calcium is a mineral that contains tryptophan – an amino acid your body uses to produce the sleep hormone melatonin. Magnesium is another essential micronutrient that will relax your muscles.

The amino acid glycine will help you fully relax, and disengage from the outside world, leading to a deep restful sleep.


The third stage is the period of deep sleep that you need to feel refreshed in the morning. Vitamin B6, potassium, L-theanine, L-arginine, and L-ornithine are a powerful combination of micronutrients and amino acids that will balance your neurotransmitters and help you achieve brain-refreshing deep sleep.

Stage 4 – REM SLEEP (REM):

The fourth stage is the deepest form of sleep one could achieve. A powerful combination of essential amino acids and neurotransmitters Melatonin, 5HTP, GABA, L-tryptophan will help you achieve brain creativity-boosting REM sleep.

A single source of perfectly balanced natural ingredients that you can take right before bed is what makes REM Sleep a great sleep aid supplementation. It will help you increase the quality of your sleep and with that the quality of your daily life as well.

If you are curious about your cortisol levels you can test these easily via at home saliva testing. We can evaluate your am, noon, dinner and pm cortisol levels to access one of the root causes of your insomnia.