Today’s video is going to talk about Prostate Health and specifically how to reduce prostate gland inflammation and improve the health of your prostate naturally by motivating the lymphatic system.

Did you know that your prostate gland is a part of the lymphatic system?

Dr. Melissa’s 3 Prostate Health Tips:

Move Your Lower Abdominal Lymphatic
  • Loosen belts, restrict tight clothing that leaves a mark on your body
  • Exercise
  • Ginger Tea consumption (2-3 glasses each day)
  • Lymph Stim Homeopathic
  • Dry Skin Brush Your Body Daily
Enhance Exercise Levels – lower leg, lower abdomen moving exercises
  • Walking 5.5-6.0 speed
  • Swimming
Use Herbals to Reduce Congestion & Inflammation of Your Lymph
  • Ginger – I recommend 2-3 cups of ginger tea
  • Saw Palmetto

Herbs help combat male “menopause” – andropause.

Stress management is another key aspect of reducing the inflammation in the male body that creates lymphatic flow congestion.


I want to share with you some really great information that’s going to help you heal your body and manage your prostate health in a natural way. Tip #1 is that the prostate gland is a part of your lymphatic system. Why that’s really important is, if you enhance your lymphatic detoxification and flow you can greatly improve the state of your prostate gland. A lot of times lymphatic congestion in men results in enhanced or enlarged prostate glands and high PSA levels. The first step to resolving your prostate gland is motivating lymphatics. There are several ways for me to immediately begin prostate gland healing.

Step # 1 is to loosen your belt. Men if you have the kind of tummy that hangs over and a really tight belt that is cinching your pants and it’s leaving a mark on your body that directly causes lymphatic congestion. You are literally cutting off the low of lymphatics. So, swelling can occur in the lower abdomen. Men that come to me that are dealing with high PSA levels or prostate cancer, the first step is to get the lymphatics moving. I am telling you that moving the lymphatics of your lower abdomen and in your inguinals, where your hip and the leg meet, that’s our groin. We have inguinal lymph nodes that often get congested. When men come to my office and we get them started on a PSA reduction plan we start resolving enlarged prostates to avoid surgery the first step is to loosen their belts and to motivate the lymphatics of their lower abdomen. How you do that is through exercise, consuming ginger tea and also adding homeopathic Lymph Stim. Lymph Stim is spectacular at moving the lymphatics and decongesting the lymph flow. Your lymphatic system is the core detox organ and the organ that removes cancer cells from our bodies and that happens through all ages of our life. If you are dealing with precancerous prostate or an enlarged prostate where they want to do a really invasive, very uncomfortable surgery that could cause incontinence issues the first step is to really motivate your lymphatics. You can do that through the homeopathic Lymph Stim, dry skin brushing your entire body concentrating on your abdomen, moving the lymph in your groin and your legs. Download my free dry skin brushing guide.

Step #2 is adding ginger to your diet. Ginger to your food, ginger tea, ginger supplements in capsule form of even lozenges. Ginger is a natural decongestant of the lymphatics. That will help break up the bonded proteins that occur in the lymphatic fluid. These heavily bonded proteins that stick together, they get like sticky rice. The lymph flow is greatly decreased from things like tight belts, tight pants, if a man is overweight with the belly hanging over or a man might be seated a lot at a desk all day long. The lymphatic get impacted by sitting, tight clothing. The ginger and the homeopathic Lymph Stim is a very good natural way to get that moving.

Step #3 is to enhance your exercise levels. Particularly getting the legs moving, doing stationary bike is one of the recommendations I have for exercise. Walking at a very fast pace. If you are on a treadmill you want 5.0 to 6.0 as your speed. That will get enough of the lymph flow in the lower abdomen to move. Moving our muscles causes muscle contraction that pumps the fluid up the body. So, that is very important. Swimming is my second recommendation. If you have any knee or hip issues, swimming is very healthy for your heart and lymphatic system. Getting an enhanced exercise plan is crucial for the prostate gland.

Step #4 is enhancing the flow of lymph by using herbals. Herbs are very important for moving and decongesting the lymphatics but also supporting the prostate gland. Saw Palmetto is a big one that will decrease the inflammation in the prostate, enhances DHEA levels, will build the compound up to enhance the testosterone in the male functionality. A lot of times men don’t realize that they go through a menopause just like women. It’s called andropause. If you deal with a lot of stressors in your life be it physical or emotional, mental, work related stress, that can cause an imbalance in your hormones. It actually causes adrenal stress. Stress management is crucial for enhancing the functionality and the health of the prostate gland because the stress hormone, cortisol causes lymphatic congestion. It also decreases men’s levels of DHEA which is the compound that makes and is used to build testosterone. So a lot of times men have low testosterone. Low testosterone has a direct effect on the health of your prostate.   The lymphatics actually moves out excess testosterone. It helps decongest and clear, cleanse and detox your prostate gland. A lot of times low testosterone equals low libido and low libido equals a decreased function of the prostate gland and erectile dysfunction is part of it which can lead to a decreased sex life. That decreased sex life and the erectile dysfunction specifically is directly involved in the PSA levels being elevated and an enlarged prostate. The common recommendation that I make for men is to enhance their sexual activity with their spouse or their partner and this is very key because we want to move the lymphatics and clear out and detox the prostate. So the sexual health of a male has a very specific role in enhancing the health of the prostate. It very important that you use your prostate gland for its original functionality. That doesn’t mean that if you are celibate or if you are not having a sex life that you are going to have high PSA levels or be prone to prostate cancer but it does play a role. So, in the healing phase of enhancing the prostate that’s a recommendation I have.