7 Easy & Fast DIY Ways to Unclog a clogged, fluid filled inner ear that is causing you to feel underwater, dizzy and irritated as you cannot hear well and it feels weird.

How to Naturally Unclog Ears

In today’s video I break down 7 Easy Ways to Unplug a Clogged Ear.

1. Move Lower Jaw Left & Right
2. Plug Nose and Blow Nose – slowly 3xx
3. Plug Nose, Close Mouth & Swallow
4. DIY Manual Lymphatic Drainage of Head/Neck
5. Neti Pot
6. Homeopathic Air Vita     https://amzn.to/2rxz3bw
7. Homeopathic Reboost Nasal Spray   https://amzn.to/2ryB1IF
BONUS: Similasan Ear Drops   https://amzn.to/2KP6Ncs

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Video Transcript

I am going to share with you ways to ultimately resolve and how to naturally unclog ears and really clear the core ear tube your eustachian tube so that you can get back to feeling normal literally back to balance and get on with your life and hear better and feel improvement in the pressure that your ear is holding I’m very excited to share this video with you today welcome everybody I’m dr. Melissa Gallagher I’m a naturopathic physician and if you watch this video I give you steps to unclog your ears through exercises but today I want to dig into some DIY at home remedies things that you can do that will clear the ear congestion as some the nasal mucosa congestion that is clogging this core tube that connects your ear to your sinuses so let’s dig into these five tips tip number one is so super super simple and you want to grab a saline spray bottle literally you’re going to be spraying saline mist up your nose.

I know that a lot of folks will usually recommend a neti pot when you’ve got the fluid but I actually tend to avoid NetApp neti potting which is the saline drain sailing rinse through the nose and I really prefer and recommend that my patients grab a saline spray like this squirt up your nose literally two to three squirts up each side of the nostril two to three times during the day and you definitely want to make sure you do this right before bed and right when you wake up because often if you’re outside and some of the fluid retention is from allergy or allergens this will greatly minimize some of the nasal congestion that’s causing the pressure blockage and the fluid retention the second thing on my list involves a tea tree oil steam.

I’m going to provide all of you if you want the download I’m going to have all these five steps easily charted out on a one page download I’ll provide a link down below if you want to have access to that totally free so let’s get back to step number two a teacher’ oil steam the steam simply is adding a few drops of tea tree oil to boiled water.

You don’t want to do this over a stove but you basically want to take boiling hot water put in a pot or pan that you can put your face over and add just two or three drops at each oil nothing major and these instances you don’t want to you don’t want to do more I know it’s often tendency to go a little bit more intense do a little bit more but just stick with two to three drops in the steam you can put a towel over your head and inhale the infused oil and the steam and the mist that will carry the properties of tea tree oil into the sinus cavities tea tree oil is an antimicrobial it’s an antiseptic it’s a bacterial killer it will help kill any mucosal bacteria that it might be causing some of the fluid retention similarly because the eustachian tube connects from the mucosal lining in our sinuses to our ear you’re going to also have the impact if you are dealing with any type of site a sinus related infection that’s causing an ear infection or ear fluid retention fluid congestion here in this tube so this is really beneficial folks you want to inhale the steam for just five minutes and you do this one time a day hugely beneficial for helping reduce any sinus mucosal irritations and bacteria that’s causing the fluid in your ear third on my list is an air Vedic style of practice and this honestly friends I think this is one of the most impactful on my list of five tips here it is utilizing olive oil warmed olive oil with the tea tree oil and essentially what you’re going to do is you want to get a dropper bottle like this so you want to make sure you’ve got some sort of a lot of times.

I will use use droppers but you want to put your olive oil into a dropper bottle add about five to seven drops of tea tree oil into the dropper and simply what you’re going to do is you’re going to give it a put it in a water bath so you’re gonna warm up the olive oil to at least body temperature 98 99 degrees is going to be perfect that way you’re not burning your your ear or the skin in your ear and what you’re going to do is you’re literally going to put in three to five drops of this tea tree oil infused warmed olive oil this friends has so much benefit in terms of clearing out that gunk and the fluid that it’s almost immediate for a lot of my patients I do implement a lot of air Vedic practices and my patient practice and in my clinic and this is one of the things that I think is so beneficial for folks that are using tea tree oil with olive oil you never want to put any oil in your ear canal without a carrier and tea tree oil being carried with olive oil will help reduce that fluid and actually a lot of times you just kind of feel and hear it draining and then poop your ear opens up I’m really excited for you guys to try that and when you do please come back and message us below because so many of you inspire each other who try these tips and it works it’s so healing and it’s much cheaper than going to your doctor’s office the fourth item on my list also uses oil but this is an oil you probably have never used or even heard of for healing of ear fluid and ear infections its Oregon Oh oil and it is best applied when you put the oil on a cotton ball and swab the outer part of your ear both the back party area I’ll even have folks swab this back part and here say you just want to kind of coat the ear straight on with oil using a cotton ball because that can get into all the little crevices of here then add a little bit more maybe two or three more drops of the Oregon oil and put the cotton ball just at the opening of ear don’t push it in or anything like that but you just want to put it at the opening this is the benefit of Oregon oil it is antimicrobial antibacterial and it will relieve pain and if there’s a lot of fluid that’s been sitting there in your eustachian tubes there’s often sometimes and this is yucky.

How to naturally unclog ears

I know but sometimes there’s pus infection that occurs and you don’t have to be sick to have fluid in your ears and you don’t have to be sick to have an ear infection the fluid that can sit there over time can manifest and cause an infected pusti substance that’s sitting right behind your eardrum the Oregon oil works transdermally and especially this back point here and here right there that’s going to eliminate a lot of the pain that a lot of people feel when there’s a lot of fluid and there’s that pressure pushing on your ear and the nerves of the eardrum and the ear canal and v I love my fifth item you guys know if you’re followers of me welcome back if you are new to my channel I hope you’ll subscribe I have a plethora of natural health resource information here on my channel but you know I’m a lymphatic drainage therapist lymphatic drainage and lymphatic your lymphatic system occurs all over the body but there’s a lot of lymph flow in the ear nose and throat region and so my specialty is actually doing lymphatic therapy of the face if you watch this video you’ll sees on my older video where I kind of show you how to do lymph drainage of the face do you incorporate that as well but this I’m going to add to the mix this is a homeopathic has arnica and 12 other homeopathic lymph promoting fluid reducing topical transdermal gel it’s essentially Kjell it looks just like that and you’re gonna smear this liberally on the whole region here in the neck right over here so a lot of times the same kind of area where you had the oil the Oregon oil but this tea really gel will promote your lymphatics to help additionally clear the lymph system and clear the fluid in your canals this particular item you can purchase in my store online actually give everybody a 10% off there’s a special new patient code and the code is sixty ten it’ll gives you access to my whole store thousands of health and wellness products that this t relief gel works magic.

I’m clearing your lymphatics of your ear nose and throat topically my recommendation is to apply under your neck there’s a whole bunch of lymph nodes here up through the back side of the neck and even down this is often really hard to find locally and this I use therapeutically with all my patients who come in with any type of fluid retention ear eustachian tube fluid this is great as a DIY at home and it also has pain relief in it as well so it’ll relieve some of the pain along with the additional steps in this protocol so again i want to recommend that you download all five of these steps free easy download you can print it out you can have it accessible so that when you are dealing with this if you’re not dealing with it now but in the future you’ll have resources at your fingertips so friends thanks for joining me here on my channel i produce videos every tuesday Friday and Sunday and I hope you’ll stick around and watch our next video coming out this Friday have a great day.