Impactful Tips to Turn Your Enlarged Prostate Health Around Immediately!

DIY Dry Skin Brushing Video for men with an Inflamed prostate, high psa levels and difficulty urinating. Learn 3 Natural Tips and techniques to help motivate reduce the inflammation and lymphatic stagnation around your prostate that will provide relief to your prostate symptoms.

Tip 1
Lymph Stim – therapeutic dose 40 drops 4x a day
(new patient access code 6010)

Tip 2
T-Relief Gel
topical application over entire lower abdomen and inner groin
(new patient access code 6010)

Tip 3
Dry Skin Brushing https://amzn.to/2lcr2oK
2x a day – 5 mins at a time

Step by Step Dry Skin Brushing Routine

  1. Circles around belly button – left to right, moving from small circles to larger circles – 2 mins in length
  2. Brush down from button to groin – each side for 2 mins
  3. 3. Little Sweeps along the groin/inguinal line – each side for 30 secs


My goal as a Naturopathic Physician is to equip you with resources you can always go to if you are dealing with an inflamed prostate.

My first recommendation is Lymph Stim. This is a homeopathic lymph motivator. That’s number one that you are going to be incorporating. Therapeutic dosing is 40 drops, 4 times a day. My patients are responding to this treatment protocol very positively. They are seeing the success of incorporating Lymph Stim in their lives, it’s helping them sleep better at night and helping them not have a feeling of full bladder. The other thing that is really going to be helpful is some topicals. It’s going to be two parts. The first part is a product called T-Relief topical gel or cream. I’m going to share with you a DIY exercise. This is G-rated, gentlemen. I’m all about naturally healing your state in a G-rated way and I want to share with you what we are going to do. I believe CVS sells T-Relief. It is a topical swelling reducer, it’s a homeopathic blend with 13 different lymph motivators, pain reducers and swelling reduction ingredients. I incorporate this with all of my lymphatic therapy patients, my lipedema patients, all of my patients with intense fibromyalgia and muscle pain. This cream or gel will cut a lot of pain transdermally. We are going to infuse this into your skin by simply rubbing it into your whole entire abdomen from your belly button down to your lower pubic bone and then out towards the inguinals.

The next step is dry skin brushing. I want to share with you, dry skin brushing technique. These are going to be things that you can do every day, once a day or twice a day. Most of my male patients do dry skin brushing and incorporate the Lymph Stim and the T-Relief topical application. They will do this protocol, at minimum, twice a day. Especially if they are in avery enlarged, inflamed state where urine flow is highly restricted. This routine will get things motivated and it’s quite effective. I can’t guarantee anything because everybody’s case is different but I promise you, you will notice within a few days a major difference.

I want to share with you my routine for how to dry skin brush. Dry skin brushing will motivate your lymphatic flow which helps reduce the inflamed prostate. Inflamed prostate is a state where the prostate gland itself is swollen. In the swelling aspect of it, there is lymphatic congestion and there is excess fluid that we need to reduce. When we move this, move the swelling, move the excess and limit the inflammation, we can actually get a reduction in the size. You get less of the clamping on the urethra and we have better urine flow.

OK gentlemen, I’m going to share with you a dry skin brushing technique. What we are going to do is concentrate around your belly button and we are going to be incorporating the lower pelvic region.

First step is to get a dry skin brush. You can get these at Target, CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, drug stores. You want to make sure that it is a natural vegetable bristle brush.

Step 1: Locate your belly button. Moving from left to right, doing circles around your belly button. THis is a technique where 5-7 minutes a day is all you need. You want to be using the dry brush on dry skin, in a circular motion from left hip to right hip. Start small and slowly go out to larger sweeps around the belly button, including the whole abdomen. Basically from the top at the large intestine all the way to the lower pelvic region. You want to do this step for about 2 minutes.

Step 2: Once again, locate your belly button. You are going to go down from your belly button to your inguinal, this is the groin. There are a series of about 20-30 lymph nodes in this lower pelvic region. These are the lymph nodes that are going to be draining the prostate, bladder and reproductive organs. They are also draining your lower GI tract. What we are doing is we are invigorating the lymphatics by brushing to that inguinal area. When you are brushing, you are just placing the brush on your skin and moving it. It’s not vigorous or really intensely exfoliating. It’s supposed to be very gentle you don’t need to do too much. It doesn’t need to be forceful. But the movement of the brush on dry skin implements a lymphatic massage. This is very beneficial for clearing out lymphatic congestion and prostate inflammation. So, you do sweeps from the belly button, down to the inquinals and you do it on both sides. You want to do this step for one minute on each side.

Step 3: The last step is just in that inguinal space, you want to do a small sweeping motion. You do this for 30 seconds on each side.

That is the dry skin brushing for motivating the lower abdomen. This is not only great for men, it’s great for anybody that has any type of lower abdominal lymphatic congestion or people who have swelling or experience lymphedema in their legs. This DIY lymph draining will be greatly beneficial for men with enlarged prostate want to do this routine at least two times a day, you can do it more than that. Ideally, you want to do it in the morning and at night. You can do it after lunch, at work at the gym. You just want to make sure you have dry skin and a dry brush. That’s the magic of dry skin brushing.