Getting hot flashes is how your body communicates with you, giving you red flag notifications that there is some imbalance going on within your body. This often happens to women in Menopause but it could also plague the majority of pregnant women.

Usually, when we talk about hot flashes there’s one big culprit – estrogen dominance. Estrogen dominance is caused by an imbalance in your ratio of estrogen to progesterone. Whether you have low, normal, or high levels of these hormones, the key issue hides in the ratio between these two critical hormones.

How to Reduce Hot Flashes Naturally

I have found the perfect product that has resolved the hot flashes issue for all of my patients by balancing their hormones in a completely natural way – Effisoy by Juveriente.

Why & How Effisoy Tends to Be So Effective?

Effisoy works its magic with the help of 3 ingredients:

menopause hot flashes

Japanese Soy – AglyMax

Japanese Soy is the most impactful ingredient in Effisoy. Although soy usually is one of the things I tell my patients to stay away from, what I really mean is primarily American soy. Japanese soy, however, is completely different. What makes it so amazing and extraordinary is that it grows in mineral dense soil and unlike American soy, it is not a mass produced crop full of pesticides and GMOs.

AglyMax, the core ingredient in Effisoy, derives from fermented soybean germ. The fermentation removes sugar from its isoflavone and makes it absorbable for everybody.

The phenomenal ability of AglyMax to balance and lower hot flashes is supported by studies. It has the power to help your body naturally produce and balance your DHEA levels.

The Phytoestrogens in AglyMax moderately help you when estrogen is short and prevent estrogen receptors from too much stimulation when you have enough estrogen.


DIM or Diindolylmethane affects the estrogen levels in your body and helps you manage your estrogen dominance.

DIM is created when you digest cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, cauliflower or brussels sprouts.The DIM compound in Effisoy encapsulates the properties of these vegetables for you to benefit from.

Maca Root Extract

Maca is a powerful adaptogen, meaning it supports the body’s natural ability to deal with stress. Not only that, but it also plays a huge role in balancing your hormones. This Peruvian herb will help you balance out the female and male reproductive hormones and will battle against your estrogen dominance which, as I mentioned above, is often the cause behind menopausal hot flashes.

How to Reduce Hot Flashes Naturally

Effisoy by Juveriente contains 60 100% Vegetarian Gluten-Free tablets, providing you with natural DHEA-S support. DHEA hormone is naturally produced by your body and is supposed to help produce other hormones, including estrogen. However, interesting fact, as we age our DHEA levels drop, meaning your body has less capacity to produce the right levels of the right hormones.

With the help of Effisoy’s core ingredient AglyMax, your DHEA levels will improve naturally. And with improved DHEA levels, you can rely on completely naturally balanced hormones to keep the hot flashes away.

If you are suffering with the annoying randomness of hot flashes and night sweats, I recommend giving Effisoy a try for the next three months. Many of my patients experience relief within days of use and continue using daily for months as we seek to balance the root causes behind their imbalanced estrogen – progesterone hormone levels.

Learn more by watching a few of my videos that address menopause symptoms.