In our society, our breasts are indisputably the most attractive and functional feature in the female body. All of us ladies need to take good care of our breasts in order to optimize their cellular detoxification that keeps the breast tissue healthy and lowers breast cancer risks.

Unfortunately, more often than not, women struggle with their breast health. Common breast tissue challenges such as Breast Cysts and Breast Fibroids arise. Although these two conditions are benign, they can still contribute to worries and even great discomfort.

Any minor abnormality in our breasts suggests that the breast tissue is not in optimal health and they should be taken care of. In fact, I like to recommend that we daily focus on taking preventative care of our breast. This is not always a daily habit women consider engaging in, but is absolutely critical.

The Ultimate Breast Care Routine – How to dissolve cysts in breast naturally?

I am excited to introduce to you the ultimate in breast care routines that is so simple and quite effective in promoting healthy breast tissue. It is very possible and quite easy to you’re your breast naturally, and in doing so reduce breast cysts and fibroids.

So How to dissolve cysts in breast naturally? I have such a passion to spread the word and make sure that every woman is aware of this completely natural breast-saving and breast-nurturing treatment.

Happy Breast Balm

How to dissolve cysts in breast naturally

Happy Breast Balm is a topical breast tonic for you to apply on the skin of both your breasts and under your armpits, that is very healing for breast tenderness, breast swelling, and a variety of benign conditions such as Fibroadenomas and Breast Cysts. I highlight specific ways to shrink cysts and fibroids in the breast on my YouTube channel.

It is a wonderful natural treatment for women dealing with all sorts of breast lumps and bumps, experiencing abnormal density of the breast tissue and difficulty having mammograms. It is also a great Cancer-preventative topical tonic.

What is in the Happy Breast Balm that makes it so beneficial?

Before applying any product on your body, you must be familiar with its ingredients and what is their effect on your body. Here’s a list of what makes Happy Breast Balm so amazingly beneficial for your breasts:

Fractionated Coconut Oil

The fraction of the Coconut Oil makes it absolutely saturated which gives it longer shelf life as well as increased stability. By fractionating the coconut oil, it also acquires more antioxidant and disinfecting properties. This will help your breasts stay young, beautiful and extra protected from cancer.

Australian Primary Hemp Oil

A 100% Australian, hypoallergenic, cold pressed Hemp Seed Oil is considered Nature’s most Perfectly Balanced Oil on this Planet, containing the perfect 1:3 ratio of the essential fatty acids omega-3 and 6. This will affect not only the health of your breasts in a positive way but also your overall health by assisting you in healing and preventing a wide variety of conditions.

The Hemp Oil used in Happy Breast Balm is also enriched with various deeply nourishing vitamins and minerals for healthy skin and breast tissue.

Magnesium Oil

This is the purest grade of Magnesium Chloride, as well as the only Organically Certified medical quality Magnesium Oil available. Magnesium is needed for energy, brain function, DNA function, muscle and nerve function as well as proper functioning of the heart. And when it comes to your breasts, it’s good to know that most pain in the body responds within a few seconds to transdermal Magnesium or Magnesium that is applied to the skin.

Lugol’s Iodine

Lugol’s iodine solution in water is often used as an antiseptic and disinfectant. Iodine is absolutely necessary for a healthy thyroid as well as healthy ovaries and breasts. It is also Cancer-preventative.

On top of all the goodness above, Happy Breast Balm also has a fragrance coming from therapeutic grade essential oils of Lemon, Grapefruit, Thyme, Myrtle, Peppermint, Frankincense, Rosemary, Lemon Grass, Cinnamon and Ylang Ylang, all of which are also breast health promoting ingredients.

How To Get The Most Out Of The Happy Breast Balm?

One of the reasons I strongly recommend the Happy Breast Balm to my patients is that it really pairs up well with their regular lymphatic routines like dry skin body brushing, which ensures better breast healing. That’s why the Happy Breast Balm also comes with a brush to help create flow in your lymphatic system and remove toxins from your body.

How to dissolve cysts in breast naturally? Taking care of your breast should be a part of your daily self-care routine as much as washing your face and brushing your teeth. Keep your breast happy and healthy with the Happy Breast Balm. Massage it directly on your skin after taking a shower and rest assured that your breast will be kept in their perfect shape and health.

We sell bottles of Happy Breast Balm to our patients and customers in our clinic. It is such a delightful fragrance and is so easy to apply.

If you are dealing with very challenging breast tissue or are wanting additional help to support healing your denser breast tissue or want to address cellular abnormalities, I recommend considering taking my Happy Boobie Care Course.

Video Transcript:

Are you dealing with denser uncomfortable painful cysts and fibrotic filled breast tissue I’m going to share with you today five ways to detox your breast tissue welcome ladies I’m dr. Melissa Gallagher I’m a naturopathic physician one of my specialties is a lymphatic therapist is actually helping ladies promote healthier breast tissue so today I want to break out five really simple ways for you to detox your breast tissue naturally that will help turn over healthier breast cells this particular video is airing during October’s Breast Health Awareness Month but literally every day has to be an awareness of your breast health because ladies it’s a very serious condition when we develop either cysts or fibroids have painful breast tissue or the worst case scenario is breast cancer and we all want to avoid that so I’m hoping that you’ll take these five tips and utilize these and if you want more information and if you watch through to the end I’m very excited to announce a giveaway that I have for one of you viewers so tip number one is to actually implement dry skin brushing and this is a dry skin bristle brush that you would implement a dry skin body brushing experience throughout your whole body if you’re interested in learning more specifics how to tutorial about dry skin brushing around your breast tissue because I can’t do that here on youtube I actually built a course called the boobie care course and in it I detail and demonstrate how to implement dry skin brushing on breast tissue avoiding your nipples but also promoting the lymphatic so they’ll be a link down below and I’ll include a coupon code for all you YouTube viewers tip number two is to provide a manual lymphatic massage to your breast tissue this again has been detailed in tutorial format in my course but what you want to do is you want to implement this at least once a day if not two or three times a week my third breast detox tip is to eat fresh cilantro cilantro is really good for releasing chemical toxicity that is being harbored and housed and stored by your fat cells in your breast tissue so cilantro is really great for that fourth on my list is to grab ginger and make yourself two cups of ginger tea a day ginger is really powerful in the acceleration of breast cells in the breast tissue and is very good at clearing and detox and lymphatic so that’s one of the most powerful herbs that you can implement daily in your life to move your lymphatics it’ll reduce swelling and often cut Ally the pain swelling is causing for any of you ladies who swell throughout the month or during PMS ginger is really powerful and will help you a lot and the last item I recommend is castor oil packing this is something you do weekly if not every two weeks or once a month depending on your case your time your accessibility to iron now self-care time which is very  important ladies we have to do self-care  activities and promote this not only  just for ourselves but for our families  because they rely on us taking care of  ourselves and you are worth it so  implementing a castor oil pack will help  promote the lymphatic flow castor oil  has been shown to decrease cysts and  tumors as well as fibrotic tissue that  might be within your breast tissue so  castor oil packing is really beneficial  I have quite a few different breast  health resources for you if you’re  interested in my free dry skin brushing  guide I’ll include a link down below  also I have a free castor oil packing  resource it’s a PDF print now it doesn’t  really specifically show the how to use  I do have a video a link right there to  my castor oil packing video that you can  watch and for any of you ladies who are  interested in promoting healthier breast  tissue I’m going to encourage you to  check out my course that I’ve built the  boobie care course.

I’m gonna choose one  lucky winner who comments down below  comment if you found this video  beneficial which of the five are you  going to implement what are you doing  what aren’t you doing did you learn  anything new just comment down below and  I hope you’ll also let me know how a  course to promote your breast tissue  might benefit you I’m really excited I’m  gonna choose one lucky winner and I’m  gonna send you this dry skin body brush  along with a bottle of my happy breast  bomb these two items are daily  requirements for your breast  detoxification breast health but more  importantly the boobie care course I  have has multi  modules over six modules with detailed  videos and PDFs it is a clearinghouse of  all my resources and all my information  to help you promote healthier breast  issues and if you just can’t wait and  you want in on my course right now it is  live and I’ll include a link down below  where you can get access immediately to  all the materials all the tutorials all  the resources and education that will  help you have the healthiest breasts  that your body will support thanks  ladies for tuning in  I’ll see you on our next video.