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Welcome Melissa to the first edition of my new monthly roundup.

Female Health & Wellness

Wanted: Pelvic Pain Clinical Trial Participants

f you’ve ever experienced pelvic pain and are yet to find a suitable solution for managing your suffering, then I’d like to invite you to participate in my clinical trial of Ananda Professional Endo Relief Cream.

I’ll be choosing 10 participants to trial this new product and report on their results over a period of 30-days. Find out more and apply now!

Closing date for applications is May 31st.

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breast health

Coming soon:

I will shortly be opening the doors to our refreshed version of The Ultimate Guide to Optimal Breast Health.

This course is the perfect guide for you if you want to make sure your breasts are healthy (and stay that way), or if you’ve been informed you have an issue and you need guidance through your diagnosis.

I cover everything you need to know about breast health in this course. Keep an eye on your inbox for when we launch next week.

Male Health & Wellness

Been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer?

For men with prostate cancer, benign prostatitis and inflammation of the prostate there is a natural therapeutic that will help aid in your healing and assist in the prostate returning to normal size and function. If you experience prostate gland and urinary problems this is an easy non-invasive at home therapeutic you can implement daily.

Watch my video to learn more

beat prostate cancer
prostate fix

The Prostate Fix

Looking for the ultimate guide for healing your prostate? This is an easy to follow step by step healing guide that addresses the four major causes of prostate health challenges in men. The power of this protocol is that we are resolving the core factors behind prostate enlargement and inflammation:

  1. Poor Lymphatic Health
  2. Cellular/Systemic Inflammation
  3. Estrogen Dominance
  4. Imbalanced Cortisol Hormone

Learn more about The Prostate Fix here

Featured Videos

Deep Dive Health Issues

Biohack Your Brain Masterclass

Whether you have a family history of cognitive decline, have family members who are diagnosed with a neurodivergence (ADD, ADHD, OCD etc) or are dealing with a variety of brain related symptoms like brain fog or recall problems then this class is for you!

I dive deep on what’s going on in your gray cells and provide simple solutions to prevent or manage a number of conditions.

Register for immediate access to this life changing masterclass today

biohack your brain
healthy guts

Gut Healing Masterclass

In this 60-minute masterclass I share everything you need to know to understand your gut issues and how to heal.

Finally get the digestive health SOLUTIONS you deserve so you can live your healthiest, happiest life!

Get instant access to this powerful Gut Healing Masterclass here.


Surviving Menopause (& Perimonopause)

Sunday May 22nd – mark your calendar!

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My Favorite Products for May!


Aether Beauty Pallet:
Claire Triple Life Molecule Mask

“The Caire molecule mask is literally like turning back a decade on skin health.Tight youthful skin.”

Aillea Skincare
15% off with code: ILOVEAILLEA

My friends at Sovereign Labs created Skin Inside. This powder is a super amazing anti-aging, wrinkle reducing powder I’m adding to my morning routine daily.

Link: (working on a direct link) this brand just has a basic affiliate link

sovereign labs
peek behind the scenes

Peek Behind the Scenes

NHR is coming to a PBS station near you! A week ago, we had an interview with my friend Grace at Home Diagnosis who was in TX and drove up to talk with Brian and I about our recent mold remediation project and our efforts to clear our bodies of mycotoxins. Their 3rd season on PBS will air in the early fall 2022.

Where I hope to sit

I started working on creating a pollinator garden just outside my home office patio – where i hope to sit in the am enjoying the bees, butterflies and hummingbirds as I sip saffron tea and plan more creative wellness content for each of you to enjoy.

I’m adding this amazing butterfly feeder to my garden. Grab it or other gardening goodies herehttps://a.co/bI2Xrkn

butterfly feeder
synthetic vitamin

Featured Blog

This Synthetic Vitamin is Linked to Causing Cancer, High Blood Pressure, Cardiac Risk & Osteoporosis

Many of us are trying to live our healthiest life, and as part of that, sometimes we turn to supplements to ensure we’re getting the necessary vitamins and minerals….
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