This SIMPLE reflexology point that will help you with your swelling and lymphatic congestion to promote swelling reduction, lymphedema drainage and move your lymphatics.

Lymphedema leg exercises

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Did you know that reflexology can help move your lymphatics I’m going to share with you one super simple technique and way to move your lymphatics so that you reduce swelling edema and lymphedema stay tuned for this tip welcome I’m dr. melissa gallagher i am a doctor of naturopathy and I am a lymphatic drainage therapist today I want to share with you a super simple technique and DIY for you to move your lymphatics as many of you have watched a lot of my lymphatic videos I share ways for you to move fluid so that you can reduce your swelling and lymphedema and edema symptoms in today’s video I want to share with you a really super simple Lymphedema leg exercises technique that anybody can implement so I’m gonna share with you in today’s video how I move my lymphatics by motivating this reflexology point super easy it’s something anybody can do anytime and anywhere if you’re coming to this video and you have lymphedema edema swelling of any extremity like feet arms upper torso head and neck this point will motivate all of those areas because it motivates the entire lymphatic system the benefit of this reflexology point is that it actually motivates and moves the lymphatics of your whole entire body so this is really really easy and I want to get into how I motivate my lymphatics with this one simple DIY exercise this reflexology exercise is super simple what you want to do is you want to grab your foot bring it close to your body as best as you can get close to your feet and your toes so I’m going to try and be as flexible as I kinds that you can see but the point that we want to invigorate the reflexology point that is the lymphatic point is actually between our big toe and the second toe and it’s literally right in between the kind of like toe knucklebones if you will and a lot of times what I tell folks is this squishy at this point is kind of smushy feels a little like it’s holding fluid or even if it’s a little sore that can be an indicator that your lymphatics are taxed or not moving properly your feet don’t have to be swollen for this to be effective you can have swelling in your arms your upper torso your abdomen head and neck this exercise will benefit all individuals because this point right here will motivate the entire lymphatics and basically what you do is you take your thumb and you sweep you kind of press down and you do like a little bit of a scraping sweeping exercise very gentle it’s not harsh or harmful or painful but you just want to move from that upper point where the bones meet all the way down to where you kind of feel your muscles and so this little point is your reflexology points for the lymphatics and in fact a lot of times I’ll get lymphatic drainage because I’m motivating my lymphatics so this is really good for anybody that might be dealing with any type of fluid retention edema or lymphedema in their body because reflexology can allow us to access and motivate the lymphatics in ways that sometimes we can’t by normal techniques for many folks that might be bed bound coming off of surgery or injury that actually can I get movement through dry skin brushing or even exercise this is really another benefit and another adjunct therapy so one of my goals is to give you guys as many tools in your wellness toolbox and a lot of my DIY exercises we want to check out a playlist I’ll link to all of my lymphatic therapy videos I encourage you to watch all of those because I offer tools and techniques and tips and DIY exercises to move your lymphatics reflexology is just another thing that I incorporate in my own daily lymph healing and lymph motivating therapy but it’s something that I implement we individuals come to see me and my practice I wanted to give you this super simple but very effective technique to begin implementing in your day-to-day life you can do this as frequently as you want if you are dealing with a lot of fluid retention or swelling it’s something you can do morning lunchtime and right before bed I recommend that you do this exercise after you complete dry skin brushing and if you need a few tips on how to do dry skin brushing I have a free download I hope you’ll download it it’s super simple and it’s a step-by-step way of dry skin brushing your body to move your lymphatics thanks for tuning in here I hope this is helpful if you have any questions please message me below and tell me how do you like motivating this reflexology point did you find it helpful I encourage engagement and love hearing from all of you and thank you for your time I hope you have a healthy happy day.