The 5 Best Supplements for Lymphedema, Edema and Swelling | Lymphatic Drainage Therapist Recommended

Five of my favorite best supplement for edema that will help you with your swelling and lymphatic congestion to promote swelling reduction, lymphedema drainage and move your lymphatics.

This video is inspired by hundreds of viewer questions posted on all my Lymphatic Focused YouTube videos and so I wanted to answer this most commonly asked question:

What Supplements Should I Take To Help For Swelling Reduction, Lymphatic Drainage and Lymphedema.

My favorite 5 Best Supplement for Edema are a combo of herbals and homeopathy. These will help reduce swollen feet, swollen ankles, lymphatic congestion, sinus issues, swelling in the head and neck.

Dr. Melissa’s 5 Best Supplement for Edema:

1. Burdock Root
Oregon’s Wild Harvest Organic Burdock 90ct: https://amzn.to/2H2aYQV

Lymph Stim Supplement

Gaia Burdock 1oz Liquid Tincture: https://www.npscript.com/nhr/burdock-…
Nature’s Way Burdock 475mg https://amzn.to/2Gl03QZ

2. Red Root
Solaray Red Root 420mg https://amzn.to/2IhqrMn
Herb Pharm 1oz liquid tincture https://amzn.to/2GkPkKr

3. Manjistha
Banyan Botanicals 500mg https://amzn.to/2Ifw3Xc
Organic Powder 1/2 lb bag https://amzn.to/2IhtWSC

4. Lymph Stim – Lymph stim supplement
https://www.npscript.com/nhr/lymph-st…   (access code 6010)

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5 of my favorite lymph drainage supplements. They are a combination of herbal and homeopathic that will help you with your swelling and lymphatic congestion.

This is for any of you who are dealing with swollen feet, ankles, arms, congestion in the head and neck, sinus issues. I want to share with you 3 herbals and 2 homeopathics.

The first herbal that I adore is burdock root. It is very similar to ginger, looks similar to ginger but like ginger married a carrot. You can get burdock root in a liquid tincture or a supplement capsule. I love burdock because it has an amazing ability to reduce swelling and fluid retention in the lymphatics. I love burdock root and it is number 1 because it has the ability to strengthen the lymphatic tissues, lymphatic vessels, lymphatic capillaries but it also has the ability to drain and detox the lymphatic system.

If you are dealing with swelling, edema or fluid retention and your doing all of the exercises that I recommend, burdock root is a great supplement to enhance a detoxification, get you over some of the challenges that your body might be dealing with because of your lymphatic impairment Burdock root is really wonderful and highly powerful , it’s a very astringent, detoxifying root. It is similar to ginger and we drink ginger tea but burdock root is definitely not one that is appetizing as a tea but definitely better as a capsule or tincture. Lymph stim supplement.

Number two is red root. Red root is my second favorite herb for motivating the lymphatics and helping to serve and act as a natural diuretic. Red root is an American Indian herb and it’s really wonderful as a diuretic and it’s functionality to move the lymphatics and really move the fluid from the interstitial space, into the lymph, in through and out the body via the kidneys, into the bladder and out through urination. I can’t say enough about its function as a diuretic.

Red root is wonderful for many of you that have emailed me about diuretics prescribed by your doctor and whether or not they are really good for the lymph or not. I want to clear that up for you. Despite what your medical provider had told you, your normal diuretic that you are prescribed in a pill actually has the reverse effect on the lymphatics. It actually dehydrates your lymphatics and can cause more swelling and more lymphatic congestion which over the long-term causes greater fluid retention and can move from different stages in lymphedema or can progress and cause greater edema or swelling in a limb or extremity. This is one of the reasons that I really like red root. It’s really powerful naturally as a diuretic but it’s not going to have the same type of affect as the prescribed diuretic pills because it is not clogging or congesting the lymphatics, it is actually helping to move it. So, there’s a lot of power behind red root.

The third supplement on my list is an ayurvedic herb called mangista. Mangista is wonderful for supporting movement and flow in the lymphatic system, it is an antimicrobial, antibacterial. It’s really good for people who might be dealing with cellulitis which is really common in different phases of lymphedema. Mangista decreases swelling and helps promote lymphatic decongestion. If you are pairing up your lymphedema treatment or your at home DIY treatments with compression therapy, manual lymphatic drainage, or any other technique that helps with moving the lymphatics, this ayurvedic herb is wonderful to help support that process. It’s a great way to enhance the detoxification and decongest nature of these highly, heavily bonded proteins that lymph fluid is comprised of. That bonded, connected lymph fluid – these little proteins that are all congested and stuck together, they actually get like sticky rice. Mangista is a wonderful ayurvedic herb that I think will be really powerful.

I want to move on to my homeopathics. I am a huge fan of homeopathy. I have studied it, I have used it personally and professional. I recommend it for a lot of cases. Lymphedema and lymphatic congestion, swelling, edema, really respond well to homeopathy. Like 100% of my cases respond to homeopathy. There’s a lot of power behind homeopathics to move and detoxify the system.

The first homeopathic I’m going to recommend is itires. Itires is a great detoxifier of the lymphatic system. Itires has an amazing ability to flush, decongest and detox the lymphatics. It flushes excess fluid out of your system. It’s highly powerful because it connects up several of the lymphatic draining organs. It’s highly powerful at draining the spleen, your blood, kidneys, and the lymphatics. So, those are powerful lymph draining organs that need to be optimized and work together to help drain fluid that is stuck in the lymphatics and is pouring over into the interstitial cells and space in between your vein, vascular channels, your lymph channels, and your skin. That’s that space that’s getting congested by excess fluid. Long term, people who have that fluid stagnant, where it’s not moving can get fibrotic tissue where the skin cells become thick and hard. If you are post-surgery or after liposuction, itires can help decongest, break up fibrotic tissue and move the fluid out of your body. Movement is key.

I saved my favorite product for last. Number five is Lymph Stim. I discovered this about six or seven years ago and I have seen major results in my patients. It’s helped my chronic lymphedema patients self-regulate and go longer between manual lymphatic treatment sessions.