The benefits of weighted blankets are numerous. Originally weighted blankets were made for the people with Autism to provide comfort and connectivity to sleep with ease. The miraculous benefits of these blankets made them popular among regular people as well.

Weighted Blankets

Different people use this blanket for various reasons; I use mine every evening to help me sleep better. I even sleep under my weighted blanket in the summertime. My better half, jokingly calls it my iron curtain because of how heavy it is, it happens to weight fifteen pounds. I immediately noticed a difference in how solidly I slept, especially after having our little guy. I sleep like I did before I had a baby.

Weighted blanket can benefit these following common health grievances that cause sleep challenges:

  • Sleep disorders
  • Nervous disorders
  • Mood disorders like depression and anxiety
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Panic disorder
  • Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Arthritis, fibromyalgia, and pain
  • General stress

When I recommend a weight blanket to my patients, they always are amazed at how impactful and effective it is in helping them sleep better.  The weight of these blankets offers a hug-like experience. Both children and adults can find benefits from using weighted blanket

Benefit of Weighted Blanket

Weighted blanket

Better sleep:

Sleep is one of the most important benefit of weighted blanket.

und and relaxing sleep is the first thing that comes to mind. More and more people are using weighted blankets for better sleep. The effects of a weighted blanket on sleep can be seen even from the first day of use.

People suffering from psychological issues like PTSD, Sensory Processing Disorder, or restless leg condition notice improvements in their sleep in just a few days of regular use.

Anxiety and insomnia

One of my favorite benefits is the therapy it provides to the people suffering from assorted degrees of anxiety. A large number of people are buying weighted blankets for anxiety and insomnia related challenges.

A weighted blanket creates a hug like feeling while you are on lying down on a couch or bed. The mild pressure on your body from this blanket makes you feel like you are in a safe place in a comfortable position. This feeling actually calms your central nervous system which relieves anxiety.  Researchers are witnessing remarkable improvement in insomnia patients when a weighted blanket is used daily.


Research by the CDC has revealed that Type 2 Diabetes can be caused by a lack of adequate sleep. Longer, deeper sleep is linked to improved blood sugar in the body. The weighted blanket provides you the required sleep for your body to lower your risk of diabetes.

And if you are already suffering from diabetes, using a weighted blanket can address diabetes related pain and neuropathy.  Pain reduction is always a benefit to improved sleep patterns.

Chronic fatigue syndrome:

People suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome often experience both insomnia/restless sleep and also experience pain within their body which doesn’t go away even after rest.

The weighted blanket provides a cocoon for the patients, and their body starts to feel the relaxing feeling after a few days of use. It is also evident that a weighted blanket’s continuous use reduces the symptoms of chronic fatigue which allows people to feel more like themselves.

I cannot speak enough on the benefits I have experienced and what I see with patients using weighted blankets.  They are literally LIFE CHANGING!

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Weighted blanket