Are you suffering from Hyperpigmentation on your face? Those annoying dark spots around you mouth and on your face are sensitive to light and darken when exposed to UV rays is called MELASMA. In today’s video I am going to talk about the causes of melasma, medications that impact your body’s likelihood of developing melasma and share with you my natural routine to treat my hyperpigmentation.

melasma holistic treatment

Melasma impacts men and women of all ages. Teens, Menstruating Women, Men, Pregnant Women, Perimenopausal Women and Menopausal Women.

My experiences with Melasma is around the mouth and lip and more recently around my forehead.

The Multiple Causes of Melasma:
1. Genetics
2. Race
3. Many Medications that cause light sensitivity that causes hyperpigmentation
– Birth Control Pills
-Migraine Meds
-Hormone Replacement Treatments
-Anti-Seizure Meds
-Yeast Infection Meds like Nystatin
-Aspirin & Advil
-Bactrim Antibiotic

4. Other Medical Causes
Thyroid Diseases
Yeast Infections
Allergies to Antibiotics
Stress – MSH is a hormone that kicks off melasma
Seizure Disorders

Dr. Melissa’s Natural Melasma Treatment Plan
1. Post Cleansing Fresh Lemon Juice over hyperpigmentation
2. Apple Cider Vinegar – cotton ball swab over area
3. Glycolic Acid Serum
4. Lactic Acid Serum
5. Bliss Steep Clean Peel 2x weekly
6. Control Corrective Lactic Acid Peel 25% 1x a week

Internal Supplements:
7. Collagen & Hyaluronic Acid

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Video Transcript:

Hyperpigmentation sucks I know because I have melasma here on my face and up here and in today’s video I’m gonna talk to you about the different causes of melasma how to treat it and I’m going to share with you my personal treatment plan that I use everyday hey folks welcome to natural health resources I’m dr. Melissa Gallagher and naturopath and I’m very excited to share with you some information that actually popped up ironically from some not-so-friendly commentary here on my youtube channel and if you are new to my channel I hope you will subscribe and join our natural health tribe here and if you are a regular viewer you may have watched some of my videos that I filmed in the early days and the summer of 2014 and early on a video I was talking about hormone therapy and I’ll actually put that link on the video that they commented about and what it what the comment was it was actually not so friendly it was some commentary about how can i as a natural doctor talk about hormone balancing when my moustache here was showing and so I wanted to clear it up I do not have a moustache to actually have minimal body hair I don’t have to do any waxing or anything like that I don’t really have to do a whole lot of plucking on my eyebrows and what this is I don’t know if you can see it I’m sure you can there’s kind of shadowing it’s above my lip I’ve had that since I’ve been in my early mid-20s and then more recently this fabulous patch has popped up from pregnancy and so I want to address for all the ladies and even men and all the teenagers all the women that are hormonal perimenopausal menopausal this video is for you and I want to let you know a little bit about melasma because most of the time your dermatologist doesn’t explain like the real root of melasma your OBGYNs and your internist and your rheumatologist and your endocrinologist and your varying doctors for like lupus and even cancer and thyroid disease they’re not talking about the ill effects of medications on your body that cause light sensitivity to UV rays and how it’s affecting hyperpigmentation on the skin and that is actually what I deal with so many of you don’t know I actually in my college years I thought I wanted to be an attorney and I was gonna save the world and I ended up having a huge transition between my junior and senior year of college and there was a group of 14 of us college students we went to Africa Tanzania in fact so true third world country it was not a part of the UN so there were State Department warnings about cholera malaria typhoid fever all sorts of vaccines were required for that trip and we were required to take malaria pills and what I did not know and was not told by my GP was that the anti malaria pills have a very high rate of developing hyperpigmentation so that’s this thing right there it has never gone away it’s something.

I treat and manage daily weekly monthly and seasonally from the inside out and topically which is what I’m going to share with you so stay through to the end of the video where I’m gonna have some information that you can download for free but I also want to talk to you a little bit about pregnancy hormone right here and I want to talk to you about the other medications that you’re probably on right now and might be dealing with this and didn’t even know one what melasma is to what causes it and three more importantly some natural treatments and things you can do at home that are in your pantry and in your refrigerator they can easily pick up I’ll provide some links down below in my bio and information or you can get some products that are great for helping kind of clear this up as best as it can be so melasma is hyper skin pigmentation it’s basically brown splotchy discolorations that get really dark with sun exposure as many of you know I’m a Floridian at heart I grew up in Florida I spent pretty much all seasons outside I’m a runner and enthusiast of sports outside and I am also a hormonal II somewhat invalids individual right now as I am still coming off of my postpartum time and so I think what I’m dealing with right now will resonate a lot with you men and women and teens watching this video so I want to start to breakdown the varying medical causes of Milazzo ma so first and foremost are genes so thanks to mom and dad for awesome jihoon’s sometimes genetically we’re predisposed if our parents have hyper skin pigmentation it might mean that were genetically coded for that the other thing that is very common our birth control pills hormone replacement therapy and progesterone those three prescriptions can bring out the hormonal background of melasma. Melasma holistic treatment.

I can say that I was on at least two of those I was on birth control pills at the age of 14 for ten full years until I had my naturopathic training and got off of that permanently and even in the beginning of my pregnancy I did take progesterone pills so there you go thank you hormone pills okay so the other thing that plays a role is race some individuals are more prone to hyper skin pigmentation due to their race other medical profiles that are prone to melasma and hyperpigmentation developing primarily on their face it can actually be something that is on your arm your shoulder your decollete your chest sigh Roy disease lupus hypertension yeast infections allergic reactions to medications like antibiotics and aspirin and Advil migraine medications and even anti-seizure medications that’s actually just a handful so some of the medical profiles that get impacted or are the cause of melasma developing with medication so they couple up you have a particular health issue you take medication for it those two things with your family history ends up developing melasma so I want to break it down by Roy disease is a big one Tyron imbalances and I’m gonna link to that video if you want to check out more about thyroid and uncommon thyroid symptoms that you can investigate if that might be something plaguing you stress is the second one so there’s actually a hormone that it’s called MSH and it is a hormone that actually produces more melanin in your skin and causes you to be very sensitive to photo or UV light so stress can be a big factor if you have had birth control pills and some of these other things it sets up that kind of perfect storm where you will have melasma develop the other common health profiles are folks that are on anti-seizure medications and these are medications that are also prescribed for other health conditions is not just epilepsy or seizure disorders but they tend to be drug induced similarly folks that might be taking hypertension medication regular users of Advil chronic yeast infections or nystatin for yeast infections is a big offender bactrim as well a big antibiotic and I can say that when I was traveling through southeastern Asia in my early 20s that was my round 2 of malarial or anti malaria pills I travel through China and Nepal Thailand India and I feel like there was another country in there but for about 4 months I was taking anti malaria pills and actually had the ability to go to a medical counter and head back to him as part of my treatment plan for a pretty intense bladder and kidney infection that I had after I left Japan so for me it was a combination having been on birth control pills the anti malaria pills were really what kicked it off bactrim exposure and even in a nice satin which is common for a lot of females so what do you do about it that’s the big question and this is something that I wanted to really impart for any folks that might be watching my video I’m not wearing any makeup I have some eye makeup on like lip gloss but you know we’re really sensitive to this type of stuff men and women if you have dark spots especially it’s really common above here you could die the heck out of your hair and it’s not hair okay it is pigmentation it’s in the layers of your dermis the dermis has multiple layers the pigmentation is deeper and sometimes it’ll rise to the surface sometimes there’s photo therapy and other things that you can do but the reality is we just have to manage it we can manage it from the inside to the outside but if you are being bothered by friends or family or even people like myself I’m putting myself out there on YouTube and I had somebody really not nice comment about a mustache I have and how I could not possibly talk about hormone therapy because I was clearly hormonal imbalance which at that point was not the case and that’s another story about how I turned my fertility around but if you want a mean and melasma is really really challenging so I want to communicate what I do on a daily basis so I’ve got my kind of my resource toolbox if you will for managing melasma naturally I use lemon and I use apple cider vinegar so these these are my two two top things that I do so you can actually cut a lemon and you could smear either the juice all right just sometimes we’ll cut them in slices and just smear this area so this is usually do it after I’ve cleanse my face but depending on the time sometimes I might not do in the morning sometimes I might do it at night where I’m taking any eye makeup off I just kind of smear it on there and then with a cotton ball I’ll do a dab the apple cider vinegar and so what these two things have been known to do one they balance your pH – they minimize inflammation inflammation of the skin and that’s something we’re going to combat also on the inside but they can help brighten lemon is great for brightening up the skin so any type of melasma treatment is gonna treatment is gonna be brightening up kind of minimizing those layers and really helping shed your layers as quickly and as successfully as possible so that the sun exposure were sloughing off sun exposure and early kind of hyperpigmentation the deeper pigmentation which is what I have right here that is something I’m always going to combat this right here this is post pregnancy really post postpartum this will resolve a lot easier I’m gonna tell you some ways that I see that in my own life I do this the lemon and the apple cider vinegar every day the other thing that I use at night I only do this at night is I use a glycolic a 25% you see that 25% glycolic acid solution glycolic acid is really great for sloughing off uneven skin tone and even hyperpigmentation I couple that up with at least once a week sometimes two or three times a week depending on the season summer time late spring time I’m out I’m outside all the time I’m exercising I’m at with my toddler lots of sun exposure I have a hat my SPF on but it doesn’t matter because I just tend to be way more sensitive and this will really look like a bus – so it’s problematic I also so this is a peel so my glycolic solution I use this underneath my evening moisturizing routine so I’ll do a smear of that let it soak in then I do my hyaluronic acid which that’s another coupling agent and if you see right there I’ve got my renew 5 that’s my collagen that we’ll talk about and it has hyaluronic acid to help even up the skin tone I will do the lactic acid green tea it’s a 25 percent peel 25% is about what you want to get anything higher you want to have an aesthetician or a medical esthetician support your peeling chemical peeling I will also start my morning with lactic acid see that so I do these serums and I couple them up with hyaluronic acid and my good moisturizer that are going to support my skin with coq10 dmae and some other nutrients that will help keep things moisturize and keep things cellularly turning over that’s the key cellular turnover the other thing that I do and I love bliss box I got exposed to them in the time when I was traveling for my career as a Sales Director for a staffing company we actually used to travel to a lot of the bigger cities and so a lot of time is downtime.

I would hit the Bliss Spa in New York or Philadelphia and even up in Boston and I have such deference and gratitude for Bliss steep clean it’s an amazing combination they actually have it’s a blue and a yellow serum and you mix them together and they basically you mix them together and they turn Green and then you put it on your face I like to mix in my hand I’m gonna do like two pumps and mix these colors hand and then move it smear it on your face that actually is really great for kind of stripping it has salicylic acid in it has glycolic it’s just wonderful for exfoliating and a very gentle way and it’s not as intense as appeal so I use that and then internally so some of the things that can set off or keep melasma in an intense state or put some allows them in a situation where sun exposure really exacerbates it you get really Brown really fast is inflammation inflammation internally cellular inflammation inflammation in the body and the digestive system so there’s things that I like to do and incorporate and my own personal program and when I recommend for folks that are dealing with melasma I love to make sure that I am consuming collagen and hyaluronic acid internally to support the turnover and the strength of the skin youthful youthfulness of the skin the suppleness of the skin similarly the collagen will help turn over those cells so that when I’m doing my peeling I’m getting much more lightening effect so this this is my Renu 5 this I’ve talked about I like that collagen related video if you want to check it out but this is Renu 5 it actually has collagen resveratrol biotin vitamin C and it has hyaluronic acid I love it’s great for skin and nails for hair it’s great for the digestive process which will be a video I do and such a video that I shoot in February but collagen is really essential for supporting any type of hyperpigmentation because it supports the cellular structure of the skin and actually has a healing effect from the inside out link in the bio down below as well to purchase the Renu 5 on Amazon it’s so great light sensitivity is something you just really can’t avoid and being grown up in Florida and being a person that’s outside a lot it’s just nearly impossible to avoid and when I’m in a clinical setting I don’t wear makeup I usually have my hair back I usually am tastefully and professionally dressed and I don’t wear any makeup so a lot of my early videos were in between appointments and consultations and work with my patients and it was very obvious that I had the melasma going on as it is now you can see it’s wintertime here in Georgia so I have not had a lot of sun exposure we went to Tampa recently and this is popping up a little bit but in all honesty for me I know that when I am finalizing breastfeeding with my little munchkin this will be able to be addressed more intensely but this right here this is all anti malarial pill cause and birth control pill cause and it’s unavoidable so folks that are dealing with this at home I hope that you will check out this download this is a free guide I’m gonna break out all those things that I do and a few extras that you can download and get today all I need is your email address and you’ll receive that in your email box I hope you’ll subscribe to my channel thanks for tuning in today stay tuned for our next video where we’re going to talk about lymphatic drainage therapy for the upper body have a great day everybody you. Melasma holistic treatment.