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Breast health is a topic on many women’s minds. When you hear the phrase “breast health,” your mind may jump to a certain aspect, such as breast cancer. However, breast health takes on all sorts of dimensions. There are the very serious aspects of breast health, such as breast cancer. But, there are also concerns such as stretch marks, increasing breast size, or soreness during menstruation. 

I offer a course, The Ultimate Guide To Optimal Breast Health, which has twelve modules and over 30 lessons, covering the information you need to have to maintain breast health.

In anticipation of that, I am hosting a Live Q&A with my YouTube viewers, to address some of the questions my clients, people just like you, have about the breast health concerns that matter most to them.

Now, let’s get started answering your breast health questions!

Improve Your Breast Health

A Beginning Note About Breast Health Tips On YouTube

Sometimes, answering all the questions you may have about breast health is difficult on a public platform such as YouTube or Facebook. While my videos are all informative, health-based videos, often the automatic censorship algorithms block content just based on certain keywords. Because of this, I try to be very circumspect about the language I use and the information I give on these social media platforms. This is why I highly recommend that you sign up for The Ultimate Guide To Optimal Breast Health course, so you have a completely free and uncensored course to answer all your deepest and most important questions about breast health. You can check it out here.

how to castor oil pack your breasts

Janet Asks: How Do You Use Castor Oil Packs For Breast Health?

Janet has been using castor oil packs, but hasn’t felt very successful. She asks what the best way to use castor oil packs for breast health is. 

For maintaining healthy breast tissue, I find that once a week is sufficient. For other issues, you may want to do more. Fibroid masses can generally be treated with once or twice a week treatments. However, if you’re dealing with lymphatic congestion, you’ll want to bump that up to 3-4 times a week. Some people even use castor oil to help with tumors, and you would want more frequent application for that too. In module six of my breast health series, I focus on castor oil packing, so I do, again, recommend you check that out. (1)

If you want to learn how to use a castor oil pack – I offer a free castor oil pack therapy download with full details on how to do a castor oil pack in the comfort of your own home.  Grab the free download here.

Farah Asks: My Breast Health Has Been Impacted By Swollen Lymph Nodes – For Seven Months – what do I do?

Farah noticed her lymph nodes under and around her armpits had been swollen for seven months, and she wasn’t sure what to do. 

This is likely a severe case of poor lymphatic drainage, which has become quite toxic for the breast. We never want to have swollen breast tissue, of course, but if it persists for longer than two and a half months, that becomes a cause for alarm. The first thing I recommend is to check out my playlist of videos specifically for breast health

In addition, I would also recommend dry brushing as a great way to get your lymphatic system moving and promote breast health. I also have a video series on lymphatic drainage you may like to check out. Of course, because of the aforementioned YouTube issues, I’m not able to demonstrate dry brushing for the breast in any great detail, so again, that is why I recommend my breast health course. (2)

Trisha Asks: Do You Do Virtual Consults For Breast Health?

Yes! I offer virtual appointments of all kinds. In fact, I work primarily virtually right now, with patients from all over the world. Especially with how difficult things have been with traveling lately, it really helps. Click here to book your appointment, or go to www.naturalhealthresources.com. While you’re there, I recommend checking out my blog articles, many of which discover breast health tips, that may be useful to you.

Josette Asks: Thermograms or Mammograms? Which Is Better For Breast Health?

I personally find that thermograms are overlooked as a detection tool for breast health. Thermography measures the heat distribution in breast tissue to detect any anomalies that can impact breast health. Thermography is getting more and more advanced all the time. In addition, it is non-invasive and painless, which gives it two advantages over a traditional mammogram. Thermograms are also 100% safe, so you don’t have to worry about radiation or any of the issues normally associated with x-rays. (3)

thermography for breast care

Mrs Oneplustenangels Asks: How Much Dietary Iodine Is Needed For Breast Health? 

This is a very good question! Daily recommended dietary iodine varies hugely depending on your age, gender, weight, and metabolism. Dietary iodine is so important, particularly for women, since we know a deficiency is bad for breast health. Low iodine levels can lead to issues with low thyroid, and low thyroid has been linked to greater likelihood of breast cancer. 

My motto is “test, don’t guess.” Testing your micronutrient levels, like iodine, and your thyroid and hormone levels, will give you a much better picture of what you’re working with and the amount of iodine you need to be getting for solid breast health. I offer testing in my virtual clinic, and it’s also a feature of the breast health course, so if you need support in this area, I’m there. (4)

Take Best Care Of Your Breast Health

As much as I love answering your questions, blogging does not give me the ability to properly address the details of your personal breast health. That is why I suggest signing up for The Ultimate Guide To Optimal Breast Health Tips, where you will be able to maximize your breast health through personal practice and understanding. 

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