“I hired Melissa about 2 years ago and met with her twice a month. She has been an angel in my life. I am 93 years old. I suffer from diverticulitis, high blood pressure, and early stages of dementia and have been overweight my entire life. Melissa’s protocols have helped me lose over 45 lbs., stopped my diverticulitis flare-ups, and lowered my blood pressure. I am off bp meds, am mentally more sharp and my insulin dosage has been cut in half. Her specific menu and recipe list is easy, healthy and effective. I think, with her, I can live to see my Granddaughter marry.”

Irene K.

“Three years ago, I utilized the services of Melissa Gallagher to assist in alleviating my high levels of anxiety. She listened intently and made very specific recommendations to address my health concern. Within days, I was feeling like a different person. Despite my advanced stages of heart disease and a subsequent heart attack, my Cardiologist noted the improvement in my health and suggested I keep doing whatever I was doing. Melissa’s cardiovascular protocol saved my life and health my heart create its own bypass.”

Megan P.

“Melissa is an amazing woman and to be in her “space” evokes a knowing within that she has “true knowledge”, that she will help you and that she is passionate about making your world and my world better….Thank You Melissa for your passion and your dedication to changing one life at a time!”

Joy Fitzpatrick

“Melissa is a Holistic Nutritionist and Wellness Coach who has a passion for helping people improve their health, well-being and to increase their “Health Knowledge. She is highly educated in the field and is a calm, compassionate healer. Her newly opened Healthy Being Wellness Boutique has a wide rage of natural health products and services available to the public. 
 She is excited to become your natural health healer and wellness partner and will guide you to optimal health. She is fascinated with the body’s ability to seek balance and heal itself with the proper guidance and nutrition. She has seen great success and healing from the detox therapies she offers like – the lymphatic treatment and the soothing foot bath.
She has helped me and my family with ongoing health issues and not having health insurance due to a layoff has been a financial concern. Working with Melissa is less expensive than our previous monthly health insurance plan and has been an effective investment on our part for both our health and the health of our pocketbook.”

Terri L.

“Melissa’s dedication and passion for natural health and wellness has benefited my life in many ways. Through working with Melissa, I now have nutritional balance and am more alert, energetic and can maintain balance in my life. I am able to make smarter and more informed choices about what I put in my body.”

Sarah M.

“Without your health you have nothing. Seek out the best in holistic health and go see Melissa Gallagher at The Healthy Being. Her knowledge on nutrition and healing the body the natural way is truly a gift and amazing. Plus she greets you with a smile and asks if you would like a cup of tea or water when you walk in… her door. How many places do that these days? I love her and her business!”

Diane B.